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New Home Construction

Custom Design & Build Integration Streamlines Your New Construction Project. Whether you know exactly what […]


Bath Remodels

No Life Of Luxury Is Complete Without The Perfect Bathroom. It’s true what they say; […]



Take Your Kitchen Or Bath Beyond Expectations With Custom Cabinetry. We offer the highest quality […]


Home Renovations

Why Are Home Renovations So Popular Right Now? There are many great reasons to completely makeover your […]


Kitchen Remodels

If You Remodel Only A Single Room In Your Home – Make It The Kitchen. […]


Whole House Renovations

Your dream home is on the horizon. You’ve put it off for years, maybe even decades, but the time is finally here. Now that you are ready to invest the time and money into a complete renovation of your home, you want to be sure not to just use any old contractor to do the job. That is where Horizon Renovations LLC comes in. We will work with you every step of the way to ensure not only the results are exactly (if not better than) what you expect, but that the entire whole house renovation experience is one that you are comfortable with – and very excited about!

Why are house renovations so popular right now? There are many great reason to completely makeover your home. In recent years the focus on energy efficiency and going “green” has fueled many whole house renovations. And many homeowners have just grown tired of their home being the way it’s been for so many years and are looking to update and restyle everything about their home to better fit their needs and lifestyle. Whatever your reason is, Horizon is here to make your existing home into the incredible dream home you have always wanted.

Additions & Sunrooms

Need more room? An addition could be your perfect living space solution! Increasing the square footage of your home, thereby increasing your home’s value is just the bottom line reason to invest in a home or room addition. Beyond that, you will also immensely appreciate the new space you have to use as either a dining room, an extra bedroom, a home theater – really whatever you want it to be! Horizon Renovations LLC will be with you every step of the way towards creating the perfect home addition.

A sunroom lets in nature’s luxuries without weather or annoyances. Sure, you may have a beautiful backyard, but the outside temperature or annoying insects can ruin that fantasy in no time. That is why a sunroom or conservatory built by Horizon Renovations LLC can be the perfect way to enjoy the many benefits of a natural setting without the discomforts or hassles. Sunrooms are also a great place to create your very own “natural oasis” by filling it with native or exotic plants and flowers, or make your sunroom into a cozy, comfortable place to relax with friends and family. If you can dream it, Horizon can build it!

Decks, Gazebos & Outdoor Living

Create the perfect backyard life of luxury with a custom built deck. Have an idea for the deck you always wanted? This is your chance to make it a reality! Many times a homeowner such as yourself would love to have a beautiful deck, but the problem is they just do not know where to begin. You will be glad to know that Horizon Renovations LLC can handle the entire process from start to finish, from concept to design, to final build and installation. There are many great options to consider for your home’s deck: pool or spa deck, multi-level deck, multi-color deck, built-in fire places & more!

Custom built gazebos & arbors add unmatched flair to your home! Get romantic. Get beautiful. Get a gazebo! For ages, gazebos have served as beautiful and almost whimsical outdoor structures that make for a breathtaking additions to any and all kinds of properties. And a custom built arbor perfectly complements your home with its simple elegance and a great place to retreat and relax. Horizon can help you make your backyard romance come to fruition with every step of the design and build process.

Basement Finishing

Move the “bottom” of your home to the top of your remodeling list! The most often neglected part of your home can be transformed into one of the best! Why endure another day of exposed plumbing, ductwork and unsightly concrete. Your basement can be so much more! When it comes time to decide what you would like to convert your existing basement into, the possibilities are truly endless! Think more than just a place to store things, think: game room, extra bedroom, home office, wine cellar, theater room, custom bar, extra kitchen, bathroom, exercise room or a playroom! And if your basement is large enough you may want to combine two or more of these living spaces!

A finished basement is great for living and excellent for home value. Not only will you discover a great new part of your home to relax and entertain in, you will also be adding considerable value to your home by having a fully finished basement. Especially nowadays, with the real estate market in turmoil, it makes more sense than ever to make your home stand out from the crowd!

Green Remodeling

Take a moment to familiarize yourself with green remodeling…green remodeling means incorporating sustainable, durable, and healthy design into the renovation of existing homes. Energy efficiency is the most popular reason why consumers choose a green remodeling project. Increasing energy efficiency can offset the monthly costs of a home equity loan by dramatically lowering energy bills. Green remodeling can adapt a home to regional conditions (like natural landscaping), provide increased comfort (like better air quality), and make a home easier and cheaper to maintain with durable products.

How can green remodeling be put to effective use in your home? Install appropriate insulation in area to be remodeled. Install high-efficiency windows instead of those that minimally meet the energy code. Seal all exterior penetrations in areas being remodeled. Buy only Energy Star®-rated appliances. Install only low-flow water fixtures. Upgrade to at least an Energy Star®-rated water heater, or better yet, a tankless water heater. Purchase the highest efficiency HVAC system you can afford and make sure it is correctly sized for the area you want to condition. Horizon is your green specialist!